All Bel’s Whistles


I love content. I consume an outrageous amount of content – from blogs, social media, websites and podcasts, to Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime (yes, I have all three – I know, more issues than Vogue).

But it’s so easy to do! Once upon a time, I had to wait for my monthly issue of Dolly, now there is more content THAN ever at the tip of my manicured fingers. Which means if you want someone to engage, stop scrolling or bother to read what you’ve spent hours writing, you ‘gotsta have great content. Fabulous, even!

So, how do you do that? You need some who consumes a lot of content, is strategically-driven, knows how to write scroll-stopping content and maybe even has a Netflix, Stan and Amazon membership.

What’s that you said? Why, yes! I do consume a lot. And yes, I am a writer who’s written for websites, blogs, magazines and social media. And, you guessed it, I’m strategic. (Nothing I love more than a Google Analytics sesh.)

Did you just find ‘the one’? Gosh, this is like a finale of The Bachelor!

If I’m right and I cyber-heard you say “Sold! I want to contact her now!” – I have great hearing – then click here.

If you’re not there yet (you’re keeping your roses close to your chest, I get it – just don’t pull a ‘Honey Badger’), here are some fasts facts about me to get you across the rose-petal line:

  • I started my career working for madison magazine

  • After that, I worked in the digital world, having roles across content, digital comms, and social media

  • I’ve worked in a range of sectors – media, NFP, digital, retail and service design

  • Now, I’m living that freelance life so that I can focus on writing, help even MORE brands and go to yoga at 12.30pm

That’s me in a pistachio nut-shell!

Until we chat: remember to wear sunscreen, stay hydrated and like all my Instagram pics.