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Content is King, Queen and everything in between. Good content that adds value to people’s lives is how any digital channel grows – people will only subscribe to your email list, if they think they’re going to something out of it; they’ll only follow you on Instagram if they like your content; and so on. Content is crucial to any business that wants to survive – and thrive – in the digital landscape.

Blogs: the best SEO strategy there is

No matter what your core business is, you should have a blog. Having a blog is one of the best SEO tactics there is. (If you’re not sure what SEO is, it’s Search Engine Optimisation. And if you have a website but aren’t sure what that is, we should chat.)

Let me explain. Say you’re selling bookkeeping software, you could have a blog that includes tips on improving your finances, the basics of bookkeeping, things people need to know at tax time, etc. Or if you’re a recruiter, your blog could cover topics such as what people look for on a CV, how to write a great CV, what you should ask in an interview – any topics and keywords that people search for regularly in Google.

Pull people in through your blog, add value, then have a strategy to convert them to customers. Plus if you’re already helped your audience before you’ve gotten a cent from them, you show people how much you value your audience and customers – and who wouldn’t want to be part of a community where they’re valued?

Create engaging social media content

The social media landscape is changing at a rapid pace, and while there is a push towards paid, you still have to have good content. People will continue to follow you and engage with you if you produce content they’re interested in.

How do you create engaging content? You ensure every piece of content you put out falls into at least one of these three categories, if not all three:

  1. Educate

  2. Inspire

  3. Entertain

Have a look at your insights and see what type of content is working. What gets the most likes? The most comments? Is there a re-occurring theme or topic? Is your inspirational content working best, or do people engage when it’s educational?

If you’re not sure how to do any of this, I think we should chat. Email me at

Wanting to develop more content but not sure where to start?

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