Welcome to my blog! 

Goooood morning!

It's so great to have you here.

I don't know if you've guessed yet, but I'm Isabel. I love to read, write, watch Sex and the City, and listen to podcasts (umm, if you're NOT listening to The Teacher's Pet you need to get on it ASAP!). Basically, I love good content. Content is Kween. Without good content, any website, blog, social channel, TV show, podcast, basically anything that is there to entertain, inspire or motivate just doesn't work. You need good content – which is what I'm all about. 

So what's this blog? It's good content, of course! Plus, a girl's gotta rant sometimes, ya know? #BelRant

On this blog, I'll share my ~genius~ ideas, thoughts, opinions and – when I'm feeling really clever – tips and tricks. If you want to subscribe, holla at me

For now: make sure you laugh at least once today – hopefully it's at some good content.  

Chat soon,