June 1: The New January 1

This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far (the fun kind that you try on vacay and then get home and RAVE about).

On the 14 February, I started my new life as a freelancer. And for the first month, I worked myself to the bone (definitely hadn’t nailed the whole ‘project/time management’ thing and never actually considered how many hours something would take me before saying yes). Then in mid-March (literally the 16 March) I pulled my neck and couldn’t move for 3 days, was pass-out-dizzy for a week, and then could barely sit at a computer for two weeks. THEN I got the worst bout of gastro I’ve ever had, so I basically spent mid-March to mid-April, sick.

Mid-April to the end of May was me just trying to catch up and get back on schedule (with a cheeky week in Fiji).

So here we are now, at the start of June and I’ve decided it’s a fresh start. I’ve wrapped up a few projects and my schedule is relatively empty which is EXCITING, it means new opportunities, time to work on my website and take some time to catch my breath/do neck exercises.

I’ve set myself some rules (becasue rules make it fun).

June Rules

  1. No takeaway (my boyfriend and I are doing this and I honestly think that Menulog/UberEats/Deliveroo will notice a drop in revenue)

  2. Exercise 4 times per week (it’s the first thing to go when you’re busy and out of routine)

  3. Spend less, save more

  4. Oprah-stylz ‘Best Me’ living: healthy eating, bed at 8.30pm, less wine/chocolate/ice cream

  5. Regular blog schedule

  6. Write EVERY day

And I’m going to get back into a regular content schedule:

1 x wordsbyisabel blog post every Monday

1 x 5-TO-TRY blog post even Thursday

1 x 5-TO-TRY email newsletter a week (working out which day is best)

1 x 5-TO-TRY vlog/video/Instagram stories series

And if I start to get some traction on here (go on, sign up!) 1 x one-way pen pal letter aka email newsletter

So, welcome to my fresh blog schedule! Each Monday there will be something new. I’m going to test a few different types of content and see what sticks, you know? (Think freelance content, my version of self help, Bel rants, etc). It’s always good to try new things.