What I can do for you


The most important thing is to create content that connects the right people to your brand and vision. Every piece of content you produce should educate, entertain or inspire your audience or customers (the real magic happens when you do all three at once).

My specialty is writing optimised web copy (homepage, about pages, landing pages, general website content, etc), blogs, articles and social media content tailored to women aged 25-45. I write content that is helpful, engaging and focused on getting the right people to take action, whether that action be buying, donating, clicking or liking.



Examples of projects

  • Write blog posts or articles

  • Write or update your website content

  • If you don’t have a website and need one, I can help you draw up a sitemap, work out what content you need, and write it

  • Help you develop a content strategy or plan for your blog or social media accounts

  • Help you review your Google Analytics and work out what content is working and what needs to be improved

  • Write social media content

  • Invent a time travel machine (I probably wouldn’t succeed, but it’s good to reach for the stars)





Unfortunately I have bills to pay and food to eat, so I do charge.

Each project is different and what I charge depends on the project, so please contact me with an outline of what you need and I can give you a quote.



BONUS: Creating a good webpage

(‘Cos I’m helpful like that)


When creating a webpage, ask yourself:

  • Who do you want coming to your website? And in particular, this webpage?

  • How will you get them there?

  • What do you want them to do when they get there?

If you can answer those questions then create content and user journeys that meet those needs, you’ll have yourself a high performing and optimised webpage.


I’ll help you communicate the mission of your brand, in every piece of content.


With inspiring, educational & entertaining content.