Web copy is your sunscreen – it’s the basic, standard, great product you need to use day in and day out and you need it to be GOOD. It protects you, ensures you’re safe and secure. I can write/re-write/update your website copy, from ‘about’ page to landing pages. Just like a good sunscreen, I got you.


Long-form blogS:
the foundation

Per word or per post


Sure, you don’t wear foundation every day, but if you’re going out and you want to be attractive, you’re putting on foundation. You need that great base in order to have a flawless look. Long-form blog posts are your foundation – they attract people to you, make you look chic and sophisticated, jam-packed with keywords, long-form blog posts lure people into your website. I can write reader-loving long-form blog posts that are going to draw people into your website.


Ultimate guideS:
the serum

Per word or per post


You might not think you need a serum, but then you start using one and hooley dooley, it changes your life! How did you live without it!? Suddenly you’re the Beyoncé of Good Skin. You’re never going back. It’s done wonders for you. That’s ultimate guide posts – they give you a serious glow up. You don’t think you need it, but then you try it and realise it’s a game-changer.


Content strategy:
the exfoliator



OK, so you can live without exfoliating – but why would you want to?! It improves your complexion, removes dead skin, sparks skin cell production and rejuvenation. It helps all your other products work better. You don’t have to do it all the time, but if you just do it irregularly, but well, it’ll keep your skin at it’s best. That’s content strategy for you – remove the dead stuff, focus of keeping what’s working and spark that growth.


Social media copy:
the sheet mask

Per post or per hour


Sheet masks – they’ve become a skincare staple. They’re fun to do, you feel fab afterwards, and you rave about a good one. Social media is the same – it’s fun, it makes you glow if done right, and women will add it to their routine if it’s a good one.