Amanda Crawford

“I know I can write reasonably well. I also know that it takes me a lot of effort and time. I was looking for someone I could “outsource” the hard work to, and Isabel came highly recommended. I have not been disappointed!

Isabel has an amazing ability to understand and analyse your thoughts, seeking clarification with insightful questions, and capturing perfectly the essence of what you want to communicate. She takes the time to comprehend the intended outcome, tailoring her work to the targeted audience; challenging you along the way to consider new ways of thinking.

Isabel is a true professional – friendly and accessible. If you need someone to help you convey your message in new and better ways, Isabel will certainly be able to help.”

Amanda Crawford, CEO, Leadership Shapers

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Isabel Sandercock-Brown
Andrea Riddell

“We’ve hired Isabel for a number of difference projects; from simple editing jobs to more complex tasks such as building our company social media strategy and working on our website redevelopment project. Isabel is reliable, insanely quick and a real strategic thinker, who gets to know the heart of your organisation and then demonstrates this through her work. Isabel is our go-to for any digital or content-related project!”

Andrea Riddell, Fundraising Manager, Brien Holden Vision Institute

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Isabel Sandercock-Brown
Becci Flint

"Working with Isabel is a dream! I couldn't have hoped for a better manager, leader, and mentor when it comes to all things digital and strategy. Isabel is the master at seeing the vision and devising a strategic plan to make the vision come to life... a strategy that is both clear and achievable. She presents herself in a highly professional manner whilst staying relatable to a diverse team at various stages in the learning journey. Her charisma, communication skills, industry knowledge and drive are unmatched."

– Becci Flint, Brand Manager, The Salvation Army

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Mel Cotton

“I can say without hesitation that I’ve grown more working with Isabel then I have in any other stage of my career. She expects excellence from herself and brings it out in those she works with. Isabel's belief in digital communications as a vehicle for change is contagious. I value Isabel highly as a leader and know she will drive any team she is a part of to excellence.”

– Mel Cotton, Social Media Coordinator, The Salvation Army

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Ben Pinn

“Every time I’ve had a conversation with Isabel I walk away impressed. Isabel is a determined, focused and incredibly hard-working colleague with a great gift for digital strategy. Isabel is also a strong brand ambassador and a fierce defender of an organisation’s vision, values and strategy. Industry peers have invited her to contribute to industry panels and her nous is highly respected. I was fortunate enough to manage Isabel for about 18 months and I hope one day I’m lucky enough to work for her.”

– Benjamin Pinn, Internal Communications Manager

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Ben Moyes

“Isabel is a rare find - extremely talented, hard-working and passionate. She brings such an enthusiastic and vivacious energy to her work and team. Isabel is diligent in her work and attention to detail, has a large capacity and has strong leadership abilities. She is an excellent writer and has incredible skills across the communications arena (digital/ social media/ media and web). She is an incredible asset - someone well respected and admired.”

– Ben Moyes, PR & Media Executive, The Salvation Army

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Bethany Smith

"Isabel is an energetic team player who is passionate about utilising the strength of online channels in brand strategy. Isabel is committed to innovation in digital media and building online communities. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge of the online space and is always ready to face new business challenges head on with confidence. Isabel has a nurturing, positive attitude that is incredibly valuable to the team environment and it is a pleasure to work with her."

– Bethany Smith, Strategy & Marketing Manager

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